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Wigstöckel Transgender United 2016

6.-9. Oktober 2016

Since 1996, Wigstöckel - an event by trans*people for trans*people - has been taking place in Berlin. During the years, the glamourous show has been extended to a little festival that includes further events. For us, "transgender" is an umbrella term for all people who do not fit into the mainstream binary gender expectations. This year, we celebrate 20 years of Wigstöckel!!!

Thursday, 6.10., 11pm: Wigstöckel goes PopBox at SchwuZ
PopBox ist the new pop living room at the Electronic Thursday at SchwuZ. Various 'inhabitants' by the SchwuZ staff turn the area between hallway and entrance to the dance floors into a Lounge that contains a bar and a Jukebox-DJ. On Oct 6th, Wigstöckel is the guest in this party lounge space! You can meet the team that organises Wigstöckel, there will be a make-up space and some drinks served by us plus music! If we're lucky, you can also get the freshly printed copy of Wigstöckel X-Press, the magazine to the festival. Don't miss it!
Location: SchwuZ, Rollbergstr. 26. Entrance fee: 6 €
Friday, 7.10., 8pm: Ludvixxen goes Wigstöckel
This summer, Sharleen Voyage, ausgehDörte, Kristelle Airlines, Betty BücKse and Kaey have started an event at Ludwig, a new bar and art space in Neukölln. Wigstöckel will show the film Film Wigstock - the Movie that portrays the New Yorker Festival which inspired the founding queens of Wigstöckel Berlin. Later, there'll be a show including the Ludvixxen-Queens plus star guest Viola who is also a member of the Wigstöckel Team.
Location: Ludwig, Anzengruber Str. 3. free entrance
Saturday, 8.10., 10am - 6pm: Workshops
For several years, there has been a transgender conference and later trans*inter* conference in Berlin. There won't be an event like this in 2016 - another reason to organise workshops during Wigstöckel! All workshops are free (we're happy about donations); for more information check out hier
Saturday, 8.10., 9pm: Party & Show at SO36
THE Event! We celebrate Drag & Trans* in all forms, all night long. Toni Transit and Kaey will present the Show that includes fantastic performers: Msoke, FaulenzA, Noa Naomi, Renate Wanda de la Gosse, Elvira Westwärts & Paula Sau, ABC (Absynthia Absolut, Bambi Mercury & Candy Crash), Océan LeRoy, Drag Street Boyz, Spicy Tigers on Speed, Sigrid Grajek, Ryan Stecken & Margot Schlönzke, Marlon Brandy, der Rattenchor, Raoul's Choice, Rita Sport, Baella von Baden-Babelsberg, Ari Oshri, Kay P.Rinha, Pimmela van Döschen & Eva La Bosse, Sigrid Grajek and a performer at the very first Wigstöckel in 1996: Zazie de Paris!
Our DJs LCavaliero, Hllwyd, Sharleen Voyage & ausgehDörte will help you get into dancing mood! There will also be stalls by community groups.
Location: SO36, Oranienstr. 190. Entrance feet: 7-12 €
Sonntag, 9.10., 3pm: TransMarch in Kreuzberg/Neukölln
Visibility is still important and trans* issues often seem overviewed at other pride events. This march is meant to be inclusive. So everybody who feels related to the term trans* is invited to join. This includes inter, Inbetween, Genderfluid, Nonbinary, Transvestites Crossdresser, Drags... etc. Organised by Kaey!
Location: Starting at Hermannplatz, the march will follow Kottbusser Damm, cross Kottbusser Tor, follow Adalbertstrasse, turn into Oranienstrasse and end at Heinrichplatz.
Sonntag, 9.10., 20 Uhr: OpenStage bei Trash Deluxe in der AHA
EVERYBODY can perform! No matter whether you wanna show acrobatics, sing, dance, lipsync - just show up! Please let us know till Saturday by writing to team@wigstoeckel.com.
Location: AHA, Monumentenstr. 13. Entrance free

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